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To Investors

First of all, we would like to express our deepest thanks to the continued support of our stakeholders including shareholders, customers and suppliers.

Since the development of aluminum structural materials known as the “ALFA FRAME® SYSTEM” in 1986, the Company as a device manufacturer using the materials, has supplied technologies and services to customers in a wide range of fields, including automobiles, electronics, semiconductors, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, and foods. Behind this lies the fact that in recent years, manufacturers have focused on automatic and laborsaving production lines to establish more advanced production systems.
The Company sells the aluminum structural materials “ALFA FRAME® SYSTEM” as well as equipment based on “ALFA FRAME® SYSTEM.” We support our stakeholders by developing and providing high value-added, automatic and laborsaving technologies and products to the market, under the management philosophy of “Contributing to development and creativity of society through manufacturing.”

Business environment surrounding the Company is changing drastically. From now on, the Japanese manufacturers are generally moving towards further mechanization and laborsaving in pursuit of higher quality and cost cutting by further innovation in production processes, as necessitated through the recent simultaneous global recession.
The Company aims to build a strong corporate structure that can sustain the environmental changes, capable of responding to the diverse needs of customers in a flexible and timely manner. Concretely, we consider Sales Promotions, Strengthening Development Capability, Reduction of Manufacturing Costs and Strengthening Development and Securing of Human Resources as the priority issues.
Moreover, the Company is pursuing the following medium-to-long term business strategies thanks to combining its mainstay “ALFA FRAME® SYSTEM” with “KAKCHAR” and “MARKING SYSTEM” in a package, which will enable to develop strategies for further development, expansion and growth.

1) WIN-WIN relationship: Pursuit of a collaborative relationship


An effort to develop new markets let alone exploiting existing ones by promoting possible collaboration with all conceivable industries.

2) Global strategies


Globalizing the Company’s business by capitalizing on the characteristics of its system which goes a long way beyond national borders and language barriers.

3) Creation of new markets


Creating new markets including associated new business models, in an effort to expand the Company’s business portfolio.

The Company is committed to enhancing stakeholder satisfaction by implementing the above specific measures, along with unfailing efforts towards environmental protection and preservation.

Further support from shareholders and investors would be sincerely appreciated.

Hiroshi Nishikawa
Chairman and CEO

To Investors
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