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*Business Overview
Our philosophy NIC Autotec Inc. is the pioneering, innovative and forward looking company based in Japan. Our company motto is

     Good Folks + Good Company = Good product

For Customers: New values and high quality product services
For our employees: Worthwhile work and Fair opportunities
For Society: Taking responsibility in building good and respectful attitude for the environment.
Our goals • Safety and concern for the environment
• Priority concern for our customers
• Having a competitive edge in the international market
• Valuable work
• Fairness and Honesty at the work place
Our products Our high quality products demonstrate our pioneering spirit.

FA Equipment Business
Our high quality FA Equipments are proving to be useful in variety of situations:
• Machine Processing Plants
• Semi-conductor/Electronic Components plants requiring ultra clean environment
• Pharmaceutical, Food Factories demanding high level of hygiene
We are experienced company able to respond to customers needs through our ready made products, and custom built equipments.

Aluminum Profile System:
In 1986, we were the first company in Japan to begin the development of aluminum frame system. Now our company product has been adopted as de facto standard used at wide range of business situations.

Benefits of Alfa Profile System
• High quality, well designed module system strikes the balance between stability needed in manufacturing and flexibility needed for changing situations.
• Our extensive line up of modules meets a range of customers needs.
• Our cost effective and Labor saving production system has made it possible for companies to be more efficient, effective and economical manufacturers.
Our Future Plans We are interested in creating new projects at present and in future with companies in and outside Japan. For more information, please check Research and Development page.

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